A-CLID Ltd. has moved to the new location in Yokneam Illit.
The phone and fax numbers stay the same.

Welcome to A-CLID

A-CLID offers training and conformity assessment services for translation service providers according to the international norms ISO 17100 and ISO 13611the standards that define requirements for translation and interpreting service provision. A-CLID gives you a tool for obtaining a globally uniform and recognized third-party certificate attesting to the ISO 17100 and ISO 13611 compliance of your services.

Localization Management
According to the European Commission, all businesses that report two-digit growth have a localization strategy as opposed to those who reported single-digit or negative growth and turned out to have no such strategy. A-CLID offers localization consulting and analysis, or runs your localization affairs for you.
Information Design
However great the knowledge of the subject matter is, it still takes a communication professional to put the right message together. A-CLID brings combined experience in technical writing, structuring, content management, DTP, and translation to help organize your knowledge in the most usable and cost-effective way.
Internal Audits

Defined as independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations, internal audits are a critical requirements of quality system standards. They help an organization accomplish its objectives by systematically evaluating the effectiveness of... read more

Work Instructions

There is often a great struggle over what needs to be documented as work instructions and how to compose them. Short, clear, modular, and non-ambiguous work instructions have proved to be vital part of organizations' quality systems. Drop us a note to get help with yours.

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