A-CLID is a system of communication facilitation means that are interoperable and mutually dependant. You cannot have your technical publications translated at a reasonable price, unless they were authored by a professional information developer in a reliable structured single-sourcing environment with controlled terminology in place. You cannot be sure about the user interface being flawless unless it was intuitive and friendly for a tired color-blind usability tester, whose skills in the GUI language leave some room for imagination.

Picking a localization vendor could be a very tough task unless there is an objective and reliable benchmarking tool and a clear picture in your own mind about what you are after.

A-CLID has been put together in order to answer all the above and connect information development entities into one pipeline that works.

Explore the pages that talk about authoring, editing, localization, and quality assurance. Ask your questions, order our services, or suggest partnership.

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