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A-CLID is the official representative of Language Industry Certification System (LICS®) in IsraelRussian Federation, and other CIS countries.

Compliance certificate is much more than a stamp on your website. While implementing a standard in your organization, you have the chance to revisit, restructure, and optimize your processes.

As part of Language Industry Certification System (LICS®), A-CLID offers a variety of affordable schemes, from which you can pick the one that fits. Translation Service Providers of any size and shape can achieve ISO 17100, ISO 18587, and CAN/CGSB-131.10 certification. Interpreting service providers can obtain ISO 13611 certification.
Whether you are a freelance translator (OPE), a translation company or agency, we believe you can benefit from implementation of the standard to your translation services and from telling the world that you have done so.

Check out the list of businesses already certified by LICS®. Type the standard number (such as ISO 17100) in the Document field and select the country to start your search.


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