Steps of the way

process involves the following steps:


Fill out and submit the certification form provided by A-CLID. Drop us an email and you will have your form first thing next morning.

Submission of Support Documentation

File documentation containing basic information about the Translation Service Provider (TSP), along with description of how your organization complies with the requirements of ISO 17100.

Standard Implementation

Study the ISO 17100 norm and implement the required procedures in your organization.
You might consider training or preliminary audit that will facilitate the process of standard implementation and preparation for the Certification audit.

Certification Audit

The main step is the Certification Audit, the purpose of which is to gather evidence that the TSP meets ISO 17100 requirements. This evidence includes, for example, interviews with relevant staff, reviewing documents, records, and translation jobs, and monitoring activities. The audit is carried out by a qualified auditor who has been trained and certified specifically to conduct ISO 17100 audits.


Following the audit, the auditors send their report to the certification body in charge, which will then assess the audit report.

Issue of the Certificate

Upon your readiness and successful audit, the certification body will issue your certificate to display the ON/LICS ISO 17100 mark. The certificate is granted for a period of six years and is supported by bi-annual Maintenance Audits.

Follow-up Audits (where applicable)

These apply if the certification was granted pending action on the TSP side according to the auditor's observations. Follow-up audits are carried out within the timeframe agreed upon during the certification audit.

Surveillance Audits

Surveillance audits are designed to ensure the fulfillment of the standard requirements over time and confirm the certificate validity. These are conducted in bi-annual cycles. They also serve as preparation for the next certification audit carried out near the certificate expiration date to confirm the license for the next six-year term.