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Optional Preparation Steps

For better confidence and organization readiness for the Certification Audit, you can choose to take the pre-certification training or undergo a pre-audit. We will discuss the timeline and schedule the Certification Audit when you are indeed ready to take it.


We provide training on the standard and methods of implementation that ensure your benefit from the undertaking. The training can be delivered in various formats (e. g. as an e-mail correspondence, series of on-line sessions, classroom, etc.) tailored to meet your needs. Training delivered to groups of TSPs could significantly reduce the cost. The content of such training would depend on which rout to ISO 17100 and/or CAN/CGSB-131.10 Certificate you have chosen.

Preliminary audit

Another option is to take a pre-audit. This is an internal audit that helps you understand the gaps between the current degree of compliance and full certification readiness.

  Consulting services can also be offered but will generally be a more expensive option at the bottom line,
   since the certification audit will have to be conducted by another body.
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