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ISO 17100 Outline at a Glance

1. Scope

2. Terms and definitions

2.1 Concepts related to translation and translation services

2.2 Concepts related to translation workflow and technology

2.3 Concepts related to language and content

2.4 Concepts related to the people involved in translation services

2.5 Concepts related to control of the translation service process

3 Resources

3.1 Human resources

3.1.1 General

3.1.2 Responsibility for sub-contracted tasks

3.1.3 Professional competences of translators

3.1.4 Translator qualifications

3.1.5 Professional competences of revisers

3.1.6 Professional competences of reviewers

3.1.7 Competence of translation project managers

3.1.8 Recording regular maintenance and updating of required competences

3.2 Technical and technological resources

4 Pre-production processes and activities

4.1 General

4.2 Enquiry and feasibility

4.3 Quotation

4.4 Client-TSP agreement

4.5 Handling of project-related client information

4.6 Project preparation

4.6.1 Administrative activities

4.6.2 Technical aspects of project preparation

4.6.3 Linguistic specification

5 Production process

5.1 General

5.2 Translation service project management

5.3 Translation process

5.3.1 Translation

5.3.2 Check

5.3.3 Revision

5.3.4 Review

5.3.5 Proofreading

5.3.6 Final verification and release

6 Post-production processes

6.1 Feedback

6.2 Closing administration

Annex A (informative) ISO 17100 Translation workflow

Annex B (informative) Agreements and project specifications

Annex C (informative) Project registration and reporting

Annex D (informative) Pre-production tasks

Annex E (informative) Translation technology

Annex F (informative) Non-exhaustive list of value added services
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