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ISO 17100 is an international standard that applies to the quality of translation services. CAN/CGSB-131.10 is its Canadian analog. Once certified, you and your customers will have an independent benchmark evidence of the standard of service quality and process consistency, on top of which you can make your unique elements of excellence that go beyond the standard requirements.
If your services are in conformity with ISO 17100 and CAN/CGSB-131.10, you obtain a recognizable quality credential. Conformity of your services to the standard can be mentioned in a contract incorporating all provisions in one paragraph.

Ease of Use

Those, who think that this whole undertaking and investment is about putting a stamp on the service portfolio, are wrong.

The process of standard implementation is like a healthy diet for your business and, if we keep the analogy, the audit is a physical. The standard provisions are general enough to let the certified TSPs or those seeking certification be very creative in their business, yet robust enough to ensure that the clients get their money's worth.

The benefit is bi-directional: the standard "specifies the requirements for the translation service provider (TSP) with regard to human and technical resources, quality and project management, the contractual framework, and service procedures". Having studied and implemented the standard carefully, TSPs pave the road to a smoother business flow while their clients get a reasonable assessment tool. Many localization service buyers struggle to find a reliable way to rate the translation agencies that offer or already provide their services. By obtaining ISO 17100 and CAN/CGSB-131.10 certification, you give them objective means for such assessments.

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