Information Design

Your message can only make a difference if it gets through. However great the knowledge of the subject matter is, it still takes a communication professional to put one together. We bring our combined experience in writing, structuring, DTP and translation to help organize your knowledge in the most usable and cost-effective way.

A-CLID provides technical communication services mainly to high-tech. Our background includes projects in such areas as advanced defense technologies, medical devices, manufacturing, semiconductors, various software applications, web, etc.

We strive to produce useful and usable documentation that makes sure your message makes it through to the target audience.

We are strong believers of the basic usability rule: don't make them think! We believe that technical literature must be plain, concise, and fitting exactly your user personas, which means - user-friendly and cost-effective at the bottom line.

End user documentation is often regarded as a cost center, which is unfortunate. When the instructions for use have been created with the real user in mind, and have been through all the necessary stages - from outlining by a professional information architect and usability testing, all the way to collecting, analyzing, and implementing the real-life feedback from the field, involving thorough terminology work - we are no longer talking about expenses. We are talking about product enhancement.

With the flexible pool of writers and information design specialists, and the topping such as ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 auditors or DITA XML specialists in the team, A-CLID provides well-thought end user information development services based on vast experience in vertical industry topics and handling information development projects.

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