User Manuals and Release Notes; IPB

These critical pieces of product documentation must exist and comply with technical, marketing, and regulatory requirements so that you can move your product from R&D to production and out the door to market. These publications can ensure a checkmark in the relevant box during your internal audit, but they can and should do much more.

End user documentation is often regarded as a cost center, which is unfortunate. When the instructions for use, on-line help and other user-oriented publications have been created with the real user in mind, and have been through all the necessary stages - from outlining by a professional information architect and usability testing, through single-sourced authoring that involves thorough terminology work, all the way to collecting analyzing and implementing the real-life feedback from the field - we are no longer talking about expenses. It is now about product enhancement.

If the product is marketed internationally, which is true for more and more products today, the globalization and localization aspects must be included at the earliest stages of the product and documentation development.

Maintenance/Service and Installation Manuals

The quality and usability of Maintenance (a.k.a. Service) and Installation Manuals is absolutely vital for your product install base well-being. The front-line workers, field service technicians and engineers, instructors and call-center staff will tell you all about it.

How many times have you seen a field service rep carry tons of notes and treasure them because this knowledge was invaluable while the service manual was no good? What would you say if that information was combed, structured, properly tagged, and put in a searchable database? Heard about others doing that? You heard right!

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