Localization Management

Got caught with the world shrinking on you? Not to worry, everybody has. But it's up to you, whether to stay stunned, or catch the wave and go global. We are here to give you a hand tailoring the product or service to the multilingual and multicultural market.
The localization process is a constant flow, once you go global you won't give it up. So you got to start right. Or restart. We provide consulting and practical help in:

Drawing the map

When you localize, everything comes into play. A-CLID can help you consider the necessary and not waste your time on the redundant. Build the strategy, set the rules, cross the "t"s and dot the "i"s.

Getting equipped

When starting this journey, you need the right toolbox at hand. The set of tools and solutions very much depends on dozens of your business unique features that have to be carefully analyzed, so that this costly set of tools becomes an investment and not an expense.

Building the team

Getting the right partners on-board is critical. There's a lot of questions to answer: keep it in-house or outsource, how to re-organize the file system or what CMS to go for, how to ensure your content is translation-friendly, and many more.

A-CLID has the means to give you answers that fit your business, because there is no "silver bullet" that fits all.

Driving the process

Another way to attack the localization fortress is to have us do it for you.

If A-CLID plays in your court, you get a seasoned localization manager, who will act as an in-house professional and run the localization-related activities, from making all necessary arrangements with R&D and Tech Comm to helping your procurement and quality people with localization vendor management.
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