Medical Interpreting Training


The Medical Interpreter is an internationally recognized 40-hour certificate program based on the U.S. industry accepted Codes of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
This program is a joint Israeli-U.S. effort to advance professionalization of Medical Interpreting in Israel. Successful completion of the Program satisfies the key requirement of the U.S. National Certification for Medical Interpreters. For more information, visit

Ukrainian Translation Industry Camp (UTIC)

UTIC-2014We are excited to be media partners of the first-ever UTICamp will be held on June 1012 at a forest lodge  with all modern amenities, located on a peaceful river some 40 km outside the city of Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Speakers include Hans Fenstermacher, Sergey Gladkoff, Jost Zetzsche, Paul Filkin, William Hackett-Jones, Inga  Michaeli, Jose  Palomares, and many others.  

Visit their page on Facebook and the official website!

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